Social Recruiting


Social Recruiting is considered to be one of the most successful hiring methods. Most companies find their most valued employees through social recruiting. The trend of using social connections for hiring has gained pace in recent years as social networking becomes a commonplace activity.

CareerSiteBuilder makes the best use of social networking and gives you a platform where you can properly organize and manage social recruiting for your company. The best talent out there may not be out on the market, but you can reach and potentially hire such people through social recruiting.

With CareerSiteBuilder Social Recruiting you can...

  • Post and manage jobs to social networks automatically
  • Manage your company presence on social feeds, blogs, micro-blogs and discussion forums
  • Use CareerSiteBuilder Facebook Apps to communicate complete hiring information to interested candidates through your Facebook page
  • Easily notify networked professionals via your staff's social networks
  • Manage referrals and associated bonuses to your own employees and other third party referrers

Social Recruiting with Social Media Integration...

Social Media Integration is essential for good marketing and informatics in the internet age of today. The social recruiting tools allow clients and applicants to link their social media profiles to increase connectivity and networking. This greatly improves the quality of referrals and makes them trustworthy. Your business also links to your company's social media activities to keep your entire internet presence linked and unified.

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