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With CareerSiteBuilder Hosting, you can keep all your information in one place. This removes the need for third party hosting services and therefore reduces dependency risk. With all your data in one place, the hosting service essentially speeds up processes and makes your website flow smoothly.

Hosting services at CareerSiteBuilder come bundled with your standard subscription. This completely eliminates your hosting costs, saving you considerable amounts on your online expenses.

With CareerSiteBuilder Web Hosting you can...

  • Complete all-in-one package reduces any need for other third party services
  • Create custom domain names and make business email IDs for your domain
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Scalable nature allows growing companies a smooth transition
  • Fully secured service hosted on world class infrastructure
  • Guaranteed 99.97% uptime
  • Round-the-clock technical support

Host your website on highly secured servers and world-class infrastructure...

Get your free domain name and make business email accounts personalized to your website address. With 99.97% guaranteed uptime, your business will be as professional and efficient as it can get.

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Here's What You Get With CareerSiteBuilder Web Hosting...

Free domain name e.g.

To get you started, we offer you your first domain name free of charge with our annual subscription (so you never have to pay for domain renewal, as long as you are with us). Pick out the domain name of your choice that suits and markets your business. If you already own a domain, simply transfer to us and go live. With our exceptional platform, you'll have your website up and running in no time. You can register and add more domain names for your company if you plan on expanding later on in the future.

Your own email address e.g.

With CareerSiteBuilder's convenient tools, making personalized email addresses for your business has never been easier. Each email address gets a 200 MB storage capacity (you can also combine email boxes to get bigger capacity or order for a more bigger size) and can be you can accessed via our web-based email interface and/or email software like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or other third party email services. You can also access your email anytime, anywhere by connecting it to your smartphone or iPhone or iPad.

Unmetered Bandwidth & 1GB Disk space

All of our customers get 1GB worth of disk space to start with. Once your business gets into its flow, you can opt for an increase in disk space by picking one of our higher hosting packages. Bandwidth is totally unmetered so you can have as much traffic as you want, so your business stays super-accessible to all your clients.

World-class Infrastructure

Our data centres follow international standards and use the best telecommunication equipment available. Redundant power sources, professional staff and world-class design ensure that all of your data is perfectly protected against natural and artificial threats. To ensure maximum security and availability, our highly skilled and specialized professional network engineering staff will proactively monitor our networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Security & Firewall

At CareerSiteBuilder we take security very seriously. Access to our network is strictly controlled by multiple firewalls and malware protection software. For communication between your devices and our servers, we use SSL encryption technologies employed by banks and financial service companies. This means that you have complete privacy and security, all the time.

99.97% Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed online presence is crucial to a successful business. We maintain, an unparalleled, fully redundant network which ensures constant uptime all year, keeping your business on its toes at all times. With CareerSiteBuilder your business has unparalleled access and connectivity so you can max your potential.


We employ the best international practices for our services. Our exhaustive attention to detail makes certain that nothing is left to chance. All user data is routinely backed-up off-site and is always ready if needed. By design, third party access cannot occur without your consent. CareerSiteBuilder is therefore extremely reliable and one of the most dependable services providers in the industry.


With our world-class services, your business is bound to succeed. A growing online business needs more resources and has to be redesigned as it grows. We know that very well. This is why CareerSiteBuilder has a very flexible scalable architecture. Your online presence can easily be scaled up whenever you feel the need. The process is completely smooth and worry-free.

Optional Features

If you do not need all of the features CareerSiteBuilder offers, you can choose our flexible pricing plans to opt for only the features that you do need. CareerSiteBuilder is available without the Website Builder and Web Hosting features for clients that already have a third-party service for their business. Our technical support is available round the clock to help you with any rare configuration issues that may arise. We will have you configured and running in no time.

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