CareerSiteBuilder is a powerful yet simple end-to-end recruiting management platform. From large companies to small businesses and individual recruiters, CareerSiteBuilder provides all the tools and functionalities needed to setup, run and manage a recruitment solution from scratch, or on an existing careers website.

Our focus on simplicity and efficiency makes CareerSiteBuilder an easy and intuitive to use, and gives you the freedom and autonomy to run your hiring operations efficiently and exactly the way you want. The simplistic design and smooth flow of CareerSiteBuilder makes using the service a pleasure for both owners and candidates. What other's do good, CareerSiteBuilder does better.

Here's what CareerSiteBuilder can do for you to help identify and hire the best talent, and in the process improve your business productivity.

CareerSiteBuilder - Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Switch to the most efficient Applicant Tracking System in the industry. CareerSiteBuilder features multi-office setup enabling you to properly organize your recruitment needs. Automatically track your applicants through the recruitment process and seamlessly produce comprehensive reports. CareerSiteBuilder improves candidate sourcing using social media and free job boards, while making everything easy to track and manage on your own website. This greatly improves recruitment efficiency and internal workings of your recruitment department.

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CareerSiteBuilder - CRM

Customer Relationship Management

Connect with your customers and business elements using CareerSiteBuilder's built-in CRM platform. Have your contacts and correspondence on your fingertips at all times. Saved communications can be tracked and accessed easily through the user-friendly interface.

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CareerSiteBuilder - Ecommerce


Monetize your business instantly using the E-commerce features of CareerSiteBuilder. Construct your own products and subscription plans and get paid using our PayPal plugin. The easy-to-use eCommerce platform will take care of the sales so you can concentrate on your services.

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CareerSiteBuilder - Free Website Builder

Website Builder

Get freedom from tedious programming and designing tasks. CareerSiteBuilder's brilliant Website Builder makes building a professional website easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before. The incredibly easy and user-friendly interface eliminates the need for programmers or designers. All you need is a great idea and you can create a stunning professional website. With professionally-designed templates focussed on recruitment businesses, CareerSiteBuilder is the most affordable and time-saving option you can get for creating your online identity.

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CareerSiteBuilder - Free Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Host your website on highly secured servers and world-class infrastructure. Get your free domain name and make business email accounts personalized to your website address. With 99.97% guaranteed uptime, your business will be as professional and efficient as it can get.

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