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Build your website the way you want it to be using our easy-to-use website builder. With CareerSiteBuilder, you no longer need to depend on web-design companies to create your website. Instead, choose from an extensive design library and customize using our interface-based editor. If you need something unique, our experts can create custom templates for a small one-time fee.

Compared to web-design companies and individuals, CareerSiteBuilder is much affordable and saves considerable money on web development. In addition, you get free lifetime updates for the website building software.

With CareerSiteBuilder Website Builder You Can...

  • Quick and easy to use. No technical work or programming required
  • Cost and time efficient with free lifetime updates
  • Get professional websites with full functionalities without maintenance contracts and third party developers
  • Extensive template library to suit every taste and business style
  • Easily update website data, content and design with only a few clicks
  • Add articles, photos, videos, links, downloads, blogs, RSS feeds and more features
  • Ready-to-use page templates for candidate registration, login, job listings and forms
  • Website information is automatically integrated with the ATS and CRM
  • SEO friendly pages with URL structures and meta tags that will enhance your visibility to search engines

Get freedom from tedious programming and designing tasks...

CareerSiteBuilder's brilliant Website Builder contains great templates for you to use and build a career site. The library features superb templates for recruitment websites. If you need something unique, we will make you a custom template for a nominal fee. All you need is a great idea and we will make you a stunning professional website.

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Here's What You Get With CareerSiteBuilder Website Builder...

WYSIWYG, Quick and Easy

Our powerful yet easy-to-use website builder reduces the tedious task of programming a website to simple steps. Choose from our professionally ready-made templates library or order a custom template to make your own creative idea come to life. Everything you do can be easily changed. You can delete any pages that you add, change any content you enter, and update any settings you choose.

Easy To Use Text Editor

Adding and editing the content on your website is easy with our specially-designed text editor. Just type your text like you do using your word processor. Or you can simply cut and paste text directly from your word processing program. Either way, it just doesn't get any easier.

Unlimited Pages

Make as many pages as you want! CareerSiteBuilder gives you the creative freedom to make unlimited pages for your website's design. Make as many pages as you want with pictures, videos and visual content to keep your viewers engrossed in your site. We do not put you under any content quantity restrictions.

SEO Friendly Pages

Success on the web greatly relies on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, which is why we have preset measures to ensure your website’s keywords get the visibility they need on popular search engines. All our pages are SEO friendly with URL structures and meta tags that will enhance your visibility to search engines.

Statistics and Metrics

Our Statistical tools easily integrate your website performance with Google Analytics services. This helps you have more information on your traffic and enable you to fine-tune your website to increase visitors, and thus potential customers. Statistical information includes successful keywords, location of origin of traffic, new hits and several other helpful metrics.

Manage and Update 24/7

Our website builder gives you unmatched flexibility and control. With guaranteed 99.97% uptime, you can access your administrative panel anytime and make modifications when you need them. The great user-friendly interface eliminates the need for programmers or designers. The tools and templates in the website builder are intuitive to use and give spectacular results.

Cost and Time Friendly

The website building services offered by CareerSiteBuilder are the most affordable and quick that you will find. Our model greatly reduces your web development costs and reduces the need for costly maintenance work. The all-in-one solution completely eliminates the need for third party web development services.

Free lifetime updates

The Website Builder package comes with free lifetime upgrades. Never worry again about updating your software or spending on costly new editions. We automatically upgrade your Website Builder for free as soon as a new version is released. With CareerSiteBuilder you are in for the long haul, which means complete software solutions forever.

Ready-to-use page types for all your business needs...

CareerSiteBuilder's website building facility allows you to build several types of webpages. The pages can be easily added in just a few clicks. You can then simply modify the title and text and choose the features the page will have (such as auto responders etc)

Basic Page Types

Choose from great basic page designs. Apply a unified theme to the whole website, or use different themes for each group of pages. Our library comes with amazing professional and catchy page designs for the most common page types that a recruitment business needs. From the thousands of combinations available, you can make your website have its own unique personality and brand image.

Advanced Page Types

Take your website to the next level and add enhanced functionality using the advanced page templates from our design library. You get a range of great template designs for popular advanced page types like Photo Galleries, RSS feeds, Video Galleries, Downloads and Contacts. You can add a great blog to your website using the advanced article pages.

Recruiting & Applicant Tracking Pages

Get fine-tuned advanced page templates focused on Applicant Tracking functionalities. These page types are easy to setup and add to your website, making it immensely convenient to manage and track applicants. The pages can be easily added in just a few clicks. You can then simply modify the title and text and choose the features the page will have (such as style, forms & fields to show, auto-responder emails etc). The advanced ATS pages include:
  • Candidate registration with resume submission
  • Candidate account dashboard and login
  • Basic & advanced job listings
  • Basic & advanced job search
  • Comprehensive job details page
  • Apply to job with friend referral and save options
  • Employer/Client registration with free or paid job posting
  • Free or paid candidate search for employers
  • Buy job, resume products and subscription options

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