Q) How do I login to My Account to make changes?

A) Go to www.zenats.com and click on "Login", you will find this on the CareerSiteBuilder home page to the top right side. Type in your Login Username and Password and Click on the "Login" button. You will then be automatically taken to your dashboard home. Now you can choose the menu options from your dashboard's menu bar to perform various other activities in your account.

Q) What if I already have an existing static website?

A) No problem. You can still take full advantage of CareerSiteBuilder. All you need to do is add few links from your existing website to CareerSiteBuilder created website.

For example, you can use your CareerSiteBuilder to create a career center or employment opportunities site for jobseekers to submit their resumes online or showcase your current openings etc. All you need to do is add a link to your current website to respective pages created on CareerSiteBuilder and it will save you hundreds of dollars, which otherwise you might end up spending for programming your present website.

Q) How Can I Get My Own Domain Name?

A) To set up your own domain name for your site. First, you buy a domain name from a domain registrar. CareerSiteBuilder can also register/ buy domains names for your company, you will find the pricing information when you are signing up for your CareerSiteBuilder subscription.

Q) After I sign up for my emails, what does my email address look like?

A) Your email address depends on your domain name. If you have purchased your own domain name and are directing it to your CareerSiteBuilder website, your domains will reflect your domain name. For instance if your domain is www.abcrecruiting.com, your emails will be in the format: yourname@abcrecruiting.com

Q) What are the various payment methods for me to make subscription payment?

A) At present, we are accepting Paypal payments (which are safe and secure). You can make your payment online by clicking on the Paypal's Pay Now button, after completing your order form or you can request us to invoice you by sending an email to support@zenats.com

Q) When will my website be live?

A) The answer to this question depends on how quickly the Internet processes the changes to your website address DNS. In most cases, your site will be "live" within 48-72 hours after you decide to click the "Subscribe Now" button and change your DNS.

Note: If you reserve your domain name through CareerSiteBuilder.com you will not need to change your DNS.

Q) Are there contracts or cancellation penalties?

A) No. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation penalties with CareerSiteBuilder.com. If you're not sure how long you'll need your website, you can sign up for a month-to-month package and cancel at any time with absolutely no penalties. Feel free to look through our entire site. There's no fine print, tricky wording or unfair conditions of any kind whatsoever.

Q) How do I cancel my subscription?

A) All customer accounts are billed on an annual or monthly basis. Therefore, the credit card on file will be charged automatically, unless the account is cancelled prior to the renewal date.

To cancel your subscription, please email support@zenats.com along with your login username.

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