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Applicant tracking systems make it incredibly easy and efficient to manage candidates and registration. Get rid of the manual data entry and update hurdles of excel. Information from forms is automatically created into profiles and all updates made as the candidates submits data. The ATS also includes requisition management features, allowing you to track from opening to hiring. Communication messages and notes of hiring managers are also linked to the profile and easily viewable.

Therefore, with CareerSiteBuilder Applicant Tracking System, you are always fully aware of where you stand in the recruitment process and who the strong candidates are. This makes hiring incredibly accurate and ensures you do not miss out on good talent.

With CareerSiteBuilder Applicant Tracking System you can...

  • Intuitive dashboards for quick decision making and hiring overview
  • Customizable workflows and forms for processes and needs
  • Swift Applicant Tracking integrated with communications and hiring decisions
  • Enhanced requisition management feature
  • Easily share applicant profiles and receive applicant reviews to conduct collaborative hiring
  • Centralized platform with integrated access to all hiring activities
  • Create and view comprehensive reports using reporting tools

Switch to the most efficient Applicant Tracking System in the industry...

Automatically track your applicants through the recruitment process and seamlessly produce comprehensive reports. The ATS improves candidate sourcing using social media and free job boards, while making everything easy to track and manage on your own website. This greatly improves recruitment efficiency and internal workings of your recruitment department.

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Here's What You Get With CareerSiteBuilder Applicant Tracking System...


The Dashboard provides a very convenient, informative and comprehensive view of all the tools and functionalities of the Applicant Tracking System. Important updates and new activity are displayed on the Dashboard as it happens. Controls on the dashboard allow you to respond instantly to pertinent material and navigate through the various sections of the ATS.

Candidate Management

Managing candidates has never been easier. Our candidate management tools make it tasks quick and efficient while maximizing on the productivity of your business. Forward relevant candidates to clients and employers yourself or let them choose from the entire applicant pool themselves. Our candidate rating features help you conveniently rank your applicants and make a better hiring decision. CareerSiteBuilder offers a complete candidate management solution.

Applicant Tracking & Disposition

The Applicant Tracking System offers an efficient query-based and visual application tracking system. Candidates can view the status of their applications to chosen jobs and be informed of the progress of the recruitment process. The ATS also has a disposition management system, allowing employers to settle contract terms with their chosen candidates. This single-platform solution is great for all parties.

Job Postings

CareerSiteBuilder features a state-of-the-art job posting platform for its Applicant Tracking System. Clients and Employers can have their jobs posted along with requirements, description and recruitment procedure. The postings are displayed to applicants according to their preference and qualification filters. This makes only relevant posts appear to prospective candidates, speeding up the recruitment process.

Communications & Notes

Efficiency is the key to success in a recruitment business. With CareerSiteBuilder's resourceful design, all of your communications and notes are in one place, keeping them in reach whenever you need them. The organizer keeps your information on your fingertips, all the time.

Reports & Analytics

Get the most informative and comprehensive reports using CareerSiteBuilder's reporting tools. Analyse and evaluate the productivity of your business and the performance of each client toward your business. Good information is important to run a successful company, and reporting tools enable you to do that.

Recruitment Marketing with Free Job Syndication Tools

Get unmatched reach to market your recruitment campaign using CareerSiteBuilder's Free Job Syndication Tools. Post jobs to free Job Boards and easily attract candidates from a large talent pool. This increases the quality of your final hiring and ensures you do not miss out on good talent.

Job Marketing and Job Sourcing

The diversity of the CareerSiteBuilder's recruitment methods allow you to source candidates from a variety of platforms. This includes directing referrals from recruitment companies, social networks and job boards to your own website. Such integration greatly saves time and makes sure you get qualified talent.

Social Recruiting with Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is essential for good marketing and informatics in the internet age of today. The social recruiting tools allow clients and applicants to link their social media profiles to increase connectivity and networking. This greatly improves the quality of referrals and makes them trustworthy. Your business also links to your company's social media activities to keep your entire internet presence linked and unified.

Collaborative Hiring

Achieve high hiring efficiency with CareerSiteBuilder's collaborative hiring design features. This allows you to better manage your recruitment team and internal staff, consequently speeding up the hiring process. With properly shared information, hiring decisions are much more effective.

Recruitment Productivity

The recruitment features and tools offered by CareerSiteBuilder combine to form a superb infrastructure that takes the recruitment activities of your company to the next level. The platform allows greater internal efficiency and saves your company a lot of time, money and resources. Online activity reduces message transit time, saves money on postage and greatly reduces the need for office supplies during the recruitment process.

Customization – easy to customize your Workflow and internal business processes

CareerSiteBuilder offers unmatched flexibility and work freedom. The platform offers easily customizable components to cater to your preferred workflow and business process. With CareerSiteBuilder you work the way you want without any restrictions. Customizations are easy and straightforward without any cumbersome steps.

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