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We have categorized all our features into 3 groups.
  • Recruiting Business Tools
  • Web Hosting, Own Domain Name & Email Accounts
  • Standard Web Site Builder Features
Stand-alone or Added to Your Existing Web Site lets you create a stand-alone recruiting site. Or, you can link it to your existing company web site, bringing you the ability to post jobs, receive resumes, and manage and track your recruiting efforts online. brings the benefits of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to your web site without the huge investment such systems typically require.

Comprehensive Recruiting Tools
Use our on-line tools to easily build your site with functions designed specifically for recruiters and hiring managers, and that are not available from other web builders. Some highlights:
  • Create a resume form job-seekers can use to submit their resume to your site.
  • Automatically set up and maintain database of jobs and job seekers.
  • Customize a jobs listings page to your specific recruiting needs.

Jobseeker Registration
Use the Jobseeker Page to easily add a jobseeker sign-up function to your website. Jobseekers registered on your website via the sign-up function can perform the below functions:
  • Login to My Account Page
  • Post/ Update their Resume
  • Search & Apply for jobs on your website
  • Update their account profile
  • Logout

You can manage your jobseekers list using our simple jobseeker management interface. You can also download the jobseeker resumes to your personal computer, create an auto-responder email that is sent to you immediately when a new jobseeker registers on your website or applies for a listed position.

Unlimited Job Listings - Post them 24x7
Add a Job Listings to your website in two easy steps. You can post as many job Listings as you want and update them 24x7 to keep them fresh on your website.

You can manage your jobs using our simple job management interface. You can view the number of applications received for each job, download the jobseeker resumes to your personal computer, create an auto-responder email that is sent to you immediately when a new jobseeker applies for the job.

Job Search Page
Add a Job Search Page and have prospects search your job listings by various parameters like Title, Job Location, Industry/ Category, Salary Range,  Posted Date and more.

You can always add a Job Listings Page to show all the jobs (without a search form) posted from your job management interface.

Online Job Apply
Jobseekers can easily apply to specific positions listed on your website and they have the option to add a cover letter, submit resume (either in TEXT format or attachment)

Jobseekers can also forward listed positions to their friends or other prospects by using the 'Send To Friend' function. 

Highlight & Market Your Star Candidates
Add a My Candidates Page to your website and market your star candidates on your website, while maintaining their confidentiality. Interested employers or other recruiters, can search and quickly inquire about the candidate, by submitting a simple online contact form.

Employer Sign up
Use the Employer Page to easily add an employer sign-up function to your website. Employers registered on your website via the sign-up function can perform the following functions:
  • Login to My Account Page
  • Post Job Requisitions to your website

This page also includes a two auto-responder email function that allows you to:

  • Send an immediate acknowledgement email to employer who signs up on your website and
  • Receive an email acknowledgement email to you when an employer posts a new job requisition on your website.

Auto-Responder Emails
Automatically send thank you emails to jobseekers, employers, newsletter subscribers and visitors who contact you from your websites contact us page.

Ex. You can configure an auto-responder email, when a jobseeker applies for the jobs listed on your website.

Thank you for applying for this position. If your resume is short listed, you will be contacted by us shortly.

Your Own Domain Name
Look more professional by using your own domain name ( Use a new domain or simply transfer your existing one.

Personalized Email Accounts
Look more professional with email addresses personalized to your website address.

Our websites include personalized email accounts ( that you can access via our web-based email interface and/or email software like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and others.

Web Security and High Availability hosting provides critical server and security features:
  • Complete bandwidth and network device redundancy avoids outages and server not available messages, helping ensure your recruiting page is always available
  • Enterprise Class firewalls, intrusion protection, and anti-virus systems provide maximum security for your recruiting, job postings, and applicant data

Click here to read complete security features

Professionally Designed Templates
Give your site a professional look and feel by choosing one of more than 30+ professionally-designed templates for your website. Each template is customizable with your company name, headline, and disclaimer/ copyright. Many templates allow you to add your picture or company logo as well.

You can change templates any time you want at no additional cost and without losing any content on your website. New templates are added every month for FREE.

We can even design a custom template for your website for a one-time fee of only $249.

Easy Page Management
Our incredibly simple Page Manager allows you to manage every page on your website from one simple screen. Click “Edit” and you can change the content on any page. Click “Move Up” or “Move Down” and you can re-order the pages on your website. Click “Disable” and you can hide a page from the public.

Easy-To-Use Text Editor for "WYSIWYG" Experience
Adding and editing the content on your website is easy with our specially-designed text editor. Just type your text like you do using your word processor. Or you can simply cut and paste text directly from your word processing program. Either way, it just doesn’t get any easier.

Contact Us Page
All it takes is one click to add a Contact Us page that includes your contact information and a contact form for visitors to fill out. This page also includes an auto-responder email function that allows you to send an immediate acknowledgement email to people who submit a contact request.

Calendar/ Events Page
The calendar page makes it easy for you to add a calendar/event schedule to your website. Site visitors simply click on an event to see the time, location, directions, contact person, and more. 

Photo Gallery Page
Easily organize and display your company, staff or event photos with any of our three photo galleries.

Newsletter Subscription Box
Build a large opt-in email list by adding a newsletter subscription box.

Download Page
Allow visitors to download everything from business literature to screen savers using our files download page. It’s a great way to spread the word about your business.

Our file downloads page also lets you easily post audio and video files like television commercials, radio ads, and more. Windows Media, Quick Time, and Real formats are all supported.

24x7 Help Desk
Our full-featured help desk is always available to answer any questions or provide the support you need. Our help desk lets you chat live with our tech support professionals, search our FAQ database, and submit questions via email or web form.

Of course, you can always go the old-fashioned route and simply call us on our toll-free support hotline too.

News Page
Quickly post breaking company news on your website with our easy-to-use News Page. This page format can also be used for Blogs, Company Announcements, and more.

Online Survey Page
Add a survey to your website in three easy steps. Results are displayed to visitors on request or after they cast their vote. Old surveys and results are automatically archived on your website.

Visitor IP addresses are automatically recorded to prevent one person from voting multiple times.

Stock Photo Gallery
Our stock image gallery includes more than 50 web-ready business images you can use to give your website a more professional look and feel. New images are added every month.

FAQs Page
Add a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page to your website to post answers to various questions to your website visitors.