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Get a free .com, .net, .org, .info, or .us domain name when you sign up for an annual subscription plan.

For just $249.00, we can build your custom website.
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Just $34.95 per month or $349.95 per year.

All-inclusive pricing.
100% Secure & Safe.

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1 Industry's Only Online Recruiting Website Builder

Not only is our site builder easy to use, but it includes over 50 powerful features that give our customers the flexibility to customize their websites to meet their specific needs.

Some of our customers want their website to be a simple “online brochure”. Others are looking to build powerful recruiting tools that gets thousands of visitors each day. Most want something in between.

Our unique system is designed to accommodate all three categories. More importantly, since we constantly invest in developing new and more powerful features, our customers find they never outgrow our system.
2 Easy To Use

Our customers tell us our site builder is the easiest solution they’ve found for building and managing a professional recruiting business website with all the bells and whistles.

That’s music to our ears.

Our #1 objective has always been to build our system so that anyone who can surf the Internet can use it without any special training, equipment or software. Every feature and every upgrade must pass the KISS test before we add it our system. We invest thousands of dollars every year in “usability analysis” to learn how we can make our system even more user-friendly.

Having customers rave about how easy our site builder is to use means our investment is paying off and we’re achieving our goal.
3 All-Inclusive Pricing

People are usually surprised to learn that it’s not our amazingly low price that customers like most – it’s actually the fact that there is no fine print or hidden fees with our service.

Anyone who’s ever had a website knows that the price you get quoted very rarely tells the full story. For example, most website companies charge extra monthly fees for things like hosting, email accounts, content edits, and other features.

Our pricing includes everything – hosting, email, unlimited changes, and more.
4 Superior Support

Even though most customers never find it necessary to use our free support, those who do are almost always amazed by the top-level support they receive. That’s why we get positive feedback from customers like:

“For once, tech support that is prompt, informative and follows up. Thanks!”

“Your customer service is incredible! The service and response you provided made me feel like I was spending thousands. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s working. Thank you so much.”

Our support team includes trained professionals focused on handling all support requests promptly and professionally. These professionals are available via live online chat, email, and telephone to provide the most convenience for our customers. In addition, our site builder includes a full-detail user manual, searchable FAQ support database and soon to come over 45 minutes of online support videos available 24x7x365.
5 Fast Launch & Fast Updates

With our unique system, there’s no waiting for things like purchasing server space for hosting, or setting up your email accounts.

As soon as you subscribe, all of that is taken care of for you. There’s no faster way to get your recruiting business up and running. The only delay is the amount of time it takes for the Internet to register your domain name.

Our system also makes it easy for you to quickly make additions and changes to your website 24x7x365. You’re no longer at the mercy of your “webmaster”. When you want to make changes, simply login to your account, make the change, click save and you’re done.
6 Reliability

Your website will only help your business if it’s actually up and running – and not all website companies are reliable.

That’s why so many of our customers choose us because of our track record of reliability. Over the last 12 months, our servers have averaged 99.93% up time.

This incredible record is the result of our investment in server security and reliability.

Our servers all include redundant hardware, redundant Internet connections, and 24x7x365 monitoring. Our system is designed to ensure that no one single event -- whether internal, external, hardware, or software -- will take our servers off-line.
7 Stability

When it comes to the Internet, you can’t be too careful when choosing a company to work with. is a product of ThinkHCM, operated by HR and recruiting professionals with more than 25 years of experience in a variety of positions and industries, the mission of ThinkHCM is to provide turn-key solutions that enable you to focus on recruiting, not on figuring out internet technology. If you can surf the web, you can use our services.
8 Secure & Safe

Your website is only as effective as the server it’s on. If the server goes down, your website goes down. If a hacker penetrates your server security, the damage to your website and your business can be immense.

That’s why adheres to the most stringent industry standards when it comes to the reliability and security of our servers. Click here to read more on security.